Photo Club at Mile Hi History

At a Mile Hi Church Couples Club brunch in 2009, two senior members of the Denver Photographic Society (DPS) popped up and asked for a show of hands of “who’s interested in starting a Photo Club?". A month later a couple dozen aspiring shutterbugs with a wide range of subject interests and expertise convened in an an office meeting room. Our Club was born.

A year later, we moved the meetings to the youth classrooms on the Mile Hi Campus and opened membership to the larger public. Then on to a Chapel and finally to the Community Center’s conference rooms where we’ve met monthly since November 2014. Mile Hi’s generous offering of a meeting place and AV equipment has been instrumental in our growth and viability. Over twenty of our Club member’s images have been featured in the Mile Hi Journals and juried Annual Club Show on gallery walls thoughout the campus. We’ve been included in the much respected Bi-Annual Month of Photography (MoP) website gallery showcasing the Photographic Arts along the Front Range.

While we welcome guests to attend as often as they like cost free, we began annual dues in 2017 to build a treasury to pay our Featured Speakers and Guest Critiquers a small Honorarium. We have offered off site, cost free member field trips and skill building small group workshops on topics from Lightroom and Photoshop to Model Shoots and Composites Creation.

We’ve been honored to learn & grow from expert area photographers including:

Mark Sink (MoP Founder/CPAC Advisor)
Samantha Johnston (CPAC Exec Director)
Evan Anderman (CPAC Advisor)
Suzi Moore-MacGregor (iPhone Wizard)
Eli Vega (Right Brained Photo Artist )
Sonya Shannon (Visionary Fine Artist)
Joseph Royal (Landscapes / Workshop Leader)
Tom Heywood (Former Lone Tree Club Pres)
Frank Varner (Lightroom Master Teacher)
Terry Mieger (Colo Council of Camera Clubs)
Mike Stebritz (Denver Photographic Society)
Jim Steinberg...(World Traveler / Arts Advocate)

What Makes Us Different?

Founded in the spirit of learning from both from one another and our photography professionals, we are somewhat unique as a club. We do not numerically rate images, keep scores or award prizes. Instead, we encourage insights and suggestions to improve and celebrate the progress we see in the newly created images we share each month. What has organically evolved within our club is a culture of warmth and friendship that encourages growth and experimentation.

We help nourish and explore the Creative Spirit within us all.


updated February 3, 2022