2017 Mile Hi Journal Theme Announced!
"Engaging in the Mystery"


What a great success we’ve had producing the 2016 Mile Hi Church Journal.  With its theme “We are One,” the Works of Heart store sold 850 copies.  This wonderful collaboration between our Photo Club members and the Mile Hi Church ministers and staff resonated so well that we want to do it again!

As with last year, the Photo Club at Mile Hi will be the exclusive source of images for the 2017 Journal — WE WANT YOUR PHOTOS!  The more we have to choose from—pictures reflecting all seasons of the year—the better the Journal will be. Images will be selected by a Photo Club group of photographers who show and market their works.

  • One of your membership benefits is the cost-free submission of up to 16 images for Journal consideration. 
  • Non-members can submit up to 8 images for a one-time entry fee of $15.
  • Become a member for $25 and enter up to 16 images

If your photo(s) are chosen, your photographer credits and contact information will be included in the Journal and you’ll receive a complimentary copy.

Entry time begins NOW!  The final deadline for submitting all your photographs is Monday, June 13, 2016.  The Journal goes on sale in the Works of Heart store in November.

We encourage you to submit your images via email (see the address below).  If you do, it may be best to send a few at a time in several emails.   

Theme:  “Engaging in the Mystery”

Activate your creative juices to visually interpret our 2017 theme.  What images come to mind to portray the Mystery of the unexplained and unknown, those secret worlds that seduce and surprise?  In what ways are we drawn to them to explore closer and more deeply?  For inspiration, review images stored on your hard drive or conjure fresh ideas to shoot that express a vision that resonates with you.   

Cost to Enter -
Paid Members can submit up to 16 images at no additional cost

  • (Included in $25 individual / $35 couple annual membership fee) *Annual membership includes free entry plus your own photo gallery and bio on our Website at and showing and selling your photographs at our Tri-annual Photo Fair (next one is scheduled for Sunday June 5)

Non-Members can submit up to 8 images

  • One time $15 entry fee paid at monthly meeting or by mailing a check made payable to:

Photo Club at Mile Hi
Attn: Janet Baltz
12632 W. 6th Drive
Lakewood, CO  80401 


Size and Format

  • Images must be in color and jpg format
  • The journal interior will consist of 24 Horizontal / Landscape images
  • One Vertical / Portrait image will be selected for the cover
  • Resolution - 300 ppi
  • Size - 2048 pixels on the long-edge

Image Titling

Please use the following protocol, which includes a title for your image and initials.  Please number your submissions for ease of identification.  All judging will be done anonymously without the photographer’s identity being known. 

                       Example:  Journal_1_MistyShore-BobSmith.jpg


Submitting Your Email Entries
Please email your images as attachments to [email protected]

For more information on formatting for entry or the selection process, contact:

Dale Ralph at
[email protected] or Norby Pratt at [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions

1)  I have privacy and copyright concerns about emailing high resolutions photos.  What are my options to have my images considered?

Initial submissions can be lower resolution if you wish (72 ppi for projection). If selected, you’ll be contacted and can resend your hi res images to a secure Dropbox folder. You may also snail mail them by CD, thumb drive or hand deliver to the Photo Club at Mile Hi or a member of the club leadership.

2)  I want to retain ownership rights of my images for future use.  What are the conditions of use by Mile Hi Church and the Photo Club at Mile Hi?

This is strictly a one-time use of any of your images selected for printing in the Journal.  If selected, you will be asked to sign a release form that details this limited use.  Other submitted images not selected will be deleted and not used for any other present or future purpose.

3)  Why are the images in a horizontal / landscape format?  Can I submit a strong image if it’s in a vertical / portrait format?

The 24 inside monthly calendar images are the cover pages for each month, printed back-to-back with a full bleed to the top and side edges of the page.  This allows more room for the Ministers’ quotes below the photography as well as other inspirational messages.

Only the cover will have a vertical image. To optimize your chances of an image being selected, horizontal images are recommended. A dynamic horizontal image of high enough resolution, could be a candidate for the cover.  In that case the photographer may be approached to see if a higher resolution image is available for cropping by the graphics department.

4)  I’m new to submitting my photographs for review and am not sure how to format them to match the pixel count you and other specifications you ask for.  What can I do?

First, email or  Dale Ralph or Norby Pratt to see if they can help talk you through your questions.  It’s a learning experience and part of your professional growth.  If you can’t figure things out on your computer with your current software, it’s okay to email the attachments as is regardless of size. If selected, we can contact you and help with sizing and formatting at that time so long as it meets the 300 dpi requirement.

5)  I have some images ready to submit but I can’t come up with a title I like.

Not a problem.  Titles can help to suggest the feeling, perception or meaning of your piece, but don’t get hung up about it.  You can enter without a title but please number your images for easy identification. We’d prefer that you submit an image without a title to help us monitor the number of submissions long before the final deadline.  If selected we’ll reach out to you to suggest a title which will appear below your photo with your name.

6)  Several of my images compliment one another and would give drama and meaning if they appeared together.  Is this possible?

Yes, we appreciate that the back-to-back format of the intro page to each calendar month pairs images by design.  If you can see how a progression of your images can tell an interesting, two page visual story, feel free to suggest that potential. To do this amend your titling of the images as follows:

  • Journal_1a_Title-YourName.jpg followed by Journal_1b_Title-YourName.jpg

In no way will this impact the chance of a single photo being selected if the pairing you suggest is not chosen.