Photo Submission Process

The Photo Club at Mile Hi uses a process called Interactive Critique with "Live Adjustments". We believe that the heart and soul of a photograph is the message it conveys. Only the Artist truly knows this message. Our process helps to bind creative thought within a photographic composition, improves understanding of the image's message and provides on-the-spot editing techniques.

During in person and Zoom meetings submitted photographs are viewed. A host presents each photo and asks the Artist to provide their objective of what the audience comments should concentrate on. Comments should be concise and constructive concentrating on the Artist's stated goals. Discussion goals commonly relate to composition, editing, camera technique and dialogue of the image's message. Whenever possible critiques include on-the-spot interactive editing by experienced club members. In this way each Artist leaves the meeting with the knowledge to improve their photography and grow as an artist.

Photo Submission Guidelines
Photos can be Raw or jpeg format, 1048 pixels on the long edge and no more than 3 MB each.
See how to title image files here.

Email up to two images to [email protected] by midnight the Saturday before the monthly club meeting.

If you need help learning how to title and attach your images contact: 
Dave L. at [email protected].

updated December 28 2020