Photography Galleries

A benefit of membership in the Photo Club at Mile Hi is the opportunity to have a gallery of up to 18 photos on the Club’s Website. Please provide an Artist Statement which will appear on the main page of your gallery.


Images for gallery submissions must not exceed 1800 pixels on the longest edge. The recommended and maximum image resolution is 300ppi. Only files of the type .jpg will be accepted. It would be best if your image file contained the title of the image as follows; phototitle.jpg . If your title is lengthy put the title in the body of the email when you send it. If no title is provided the image will be labeled as untitled. Limit the size of your Artist Statement to about 200 words. A link to your personal website can also be included within your statement.

Email images, image titles and artist statements to [email protected] . Limit the number of attached images per email to 4. Any text information can be included in the body of an email. Proof your text as it will be posted verbatim.

Image File Size Examples [any aspect ratio can be submitted]

3:2 aspect image = 1800 x 1200 pixels. The file size will be about 2mb
1:1 aspect image = 1800 x 1800 pixels. The file size will be about 3.5mb
note: the more colors or shading in the file the larger the file size.


Artist Statement of about 200 words
Maximum of 18 images
.jpg, 300ppi, max 1800 pixels on the longest edge
Artist maintains an offsite backup of their images & info
See Useful Links for tips on resizing images