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I create art with a message. Sometimes that message is simply to have fun, but other times it can be political or personal. Having been brought up in the 1950’s I experienced the on-going struggle and changing role of women in society, which helped fuel the “Me Too” and “Never Again” movements. My Goddess series of composites, depicting strong and powerful female icons is intended to balance the energy of their male counterparts and has relevance for male/female roles in society today. My Justice series depicting “The Price of Silence” resulted from the Catholic priest scandal, and my posters for the annual Women’s Marches reflect current political themes.

The messages in my on-going Wizard of Oz series concern overcoming obstacles and revealing our often hidden heart’s desire by having the courage to take and complete the journey. We ourselves are rarely fully aware of the lessons our life will provide. Shakespeare probably said it best in the quote: “To thine own self be true.” My messages are intended to be reflected upon to help us truly know ourselves; and by so doing, know and accept others.
Acratopotes - Greek Goddess of WineAstrape - Goddess of LightningEuphrosyne - Goddess of Good Cheer, Joy and MirthBorisChristmas Tree AbstractDancing with the Lady in the MoonHathor - Goddess of the SkyNemesis - Goddess of Rightous AngerEnvelopedJoyNyx - Goddess of the NightIndustry vs CulturePersephone - Queen of the UnderworldSelene Goddess of the MoonPax - Roman Goddess of Peace and HealingSpace Time ContinuuumSeshat - Goddess of the House of Books