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John loves the creative challenge of blending together multiple images to conjure imaginary worlds that transcend everyday reality. Favorite themes range from the spiritual and reflective to abstract fantasy. Some find within his images a deeper, symbolic meaning worthy of visual contemplation and personal interpretation. More traditional subjects that catch his eye often possess a unique perspective, reflection or intriguing interplay of light and shadow. In travels to distant cultures, he is drawn to capture the promise of youth and quiet wisdom of elders.

John served as Photo Club President for four years and continues to line up guest speakers for monthly meetings. He has shown in numerous galleries including his own solo show at Mile Hi Church in 2019. You can reach out to him at: [email protected].
John Lickly - Celestial JourneyJohn Lickly - MeowlJohn Lickly - City GirlJohn Lickly - ReverieJohn Lickly - Star DanceJohn Lickly - In the Flow of CreationJohn Lickly - Pursuing UnityJohn Lickly - ChoicesJohn Lickly - Embracing the LightThe Way OutJohn Lickly - WhirlJohn Lickly - TimelessJohn Lickly - SentinelJohn Lickly - Wild at HeartMy Heart to YoursJohn Lickly - Fast FriendsJohn Lickly - Constant CompanionJohn Lickly - Wisdom Keeper