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I love BEING in this world. My passions include SCUBA, travel, dog agility, pets, and capturing events for friends. Come see the adventures, animals, underwater world, scenery, and other images that have captured my attention. Photography is my art, how I see my world, a way to interact with the world, a way to record precious moments.

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Cruisin3 AmigosSalkantay Mountain MajestyRoar!Butt butt buttNot FeathersPeak-a-booStriped IncognitoAfternoon LunchLori Hladik - Above and Below OwlsLori Hladik - Sleepy Baby OwlsLori Hladik - Owl See YouLori Hladik - Peek a Boo OwletLori Hladik - Crater Lake HikeLori Hladik - Mt Flora Hike 1Lori Hladik - Mt Flora Hike 2Lori Hladik - Little Cayman BlennyLori Hladik - Fiji Clowns