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I am a Colorado native and enjoy spending time exploring the ever-changing landscape before us. Whether big or small, I strive to slow down and see the details in everyone and everything. I believe it's important as a photographer to open my mind and lens to receive and share what is.
"We all have what we seek. It is there all the time, and if we give it time, it will make itself known to us." Thomas Merton
More of Bryan's work can be seen at Visual Voice Photography.
Bryan Lopez - Rising from the DepthsBryan Lopez - Afternoon GlowBryan Lopez - Blonde Ambition GrassBryan Lopez - Swimming BeeBryan Lopez - Evening DaisiesBryan Lopez - Color in BloomBryan Lopez - HummingbirdBryan Lopez - Red Desert CactusBryan Lopez - Spring BlossomsBryan Lopez - Mating DamselsBryan Lopez - Morning LightBryan Lopez - Morning LiliesBryan Lopez - Silver PollenBryan Lopez - Through the PetalsBryan Lopez - Poppy GlowBryan Lopez - Through the PetalsBryan Lopez - Grape Vines