I am Chuck Springer, enjoying Retirement and enjoying “Taking Pictures”. I have had a camera in my hands most of my life but consider myself to be a fortunate amateur. With encouragement and recognition of my art from family and friends plus a few exhibits, I am doing "OK" for an amateur.

My Photography continues to be a process of learning and improvement. I owe a debt of gratitude to the Photo Club at Mile Hi. I have benefited greatly from the educational opportunities and critiques provided by the club.

What I have learned has been a revelation, opening new avenues for an improvement that were previously unfamiliar to me.

I am primarily a Wildlife and Landscape photographer, but I do not limit myself to just those genres. I consider myself an opportunist if I encounter other compelling photographic genres.

I volunteer at the Denver Zoo and am a member of the Zoo’s Volunteer Photography Committee. Photographing the many Zoo Animals is a source of great satisfaction and pleasure. I am able to use my images to support my Docent Interpretive Responsibilities at the Zoo.
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