The links below are provided as a starting point to help you develop processes & techniques specific to your needs.

Photographic Associations
Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)
American Photographers Association (APA)
Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
Professional Photographers of Colorado (PPColorado)
The Association of Photographers (AOP)
American Photographic Artists (APA)
National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

Online Conferencing
Zoom Learn how Zoom works

Understanding Color Space for Photography
What to use, Why and When - Glyn Dewis

Photo Labs for Printing - Remember budget labs use the sRGB color space for printing!
The Camera Trader (Dave) - Englewood, CO

Costco Photo Center - Online mail order
McKenna Professional Imaging - Online mail order
Shutterfly - Online mail order
Walgreens - Online submittal and pick-up.

Artist Statements
Wikihow Tips
Artist Statement Video

Signing Your Artwork
Signing & tracking photos video
Signing & artwork numbering video

Local Photography Meetups
The Colorado Photography Learning Group-North hosted by Mike Pach
Metro Denver Photography Group

Fear and Creativity video
Make Mental Space video
5 Ways to Boost Creativity video
14 Artist Descriptions
The Process
The Nature of Creativity video

Photo Editing
Adobe Lightroom vs Photoshop - Which one should you use? - Glyn Dewis
Pixel Chart - How many pixels are needed for printing?

Photoshop Training Channel - Jesus Ramirez
Piximperfect Advanced Photoshop Training - Unmesh Dinda
Photoshop Wizards Challenge video taught by Dale Ralph & Bryan Lopez
PHLEARN 30 days of Photoshop videos
Photoshop Resize Image video
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom videos

Install a hanging wire on a frame video

Camera Technique
Exposure Triangle video
Stops of Light video

Updated August 11, 2022